Do you run a business and still thinking of going paperless? Here is a solution for you. All your records can be stored electronically, hence create more space in your office. All you need is to scan all the paper records and upload them to a virtual storage application.

It would be a lot of work to let your employees scan the documents, and they may not do it well since they are not professionals. Letting professionals do it will save you time, effort, and money. Your employees will be freed to focus on other tasks and remain productive.

Our Scan Services

Document Scanning

If you ever looked around your office and thought about getting rid of all the documents, it is possible. We provide professional document scanning to help free up your workspace. Once we digitize all your documents, you can store them on a cloud or hard drive for easy retrieval.

Document scanning can be an extremely complex process when you need to scan volumes of documents. Therefore, you need to hire a professional for the document scanning process. It is hassle-free and saves you time.

Medical Records Scanning

Filing medical records for patients occupy a lot of space. If this is the storage method that you are using, you need to embrace the digitizing of the medical records. Medical records are always expanding, and soon you will need more space to store them. To avoid this, consider digitizing medical records. It will help to free up the cabinets and fast retrieval of patients’ documents. Navigating through the cabinets can be challenging and time-consuming. It also minimizes the loss of patient information.

Book Scanning

Book scanning is highly beneficial because you can read a soft copy book anywhere. You do have to move around carrying a heavy bag with different books. You will have unlimited access to other books at the comfort of your home.

If you are an author, scanning your book will make it available to many people. Billions and billions of people access the internet to read and download soft copy books.

Rare, Fragile & Valuable Books Scanning

Scanning valuable books will protect them from physical damage. If you have ever dropped a valuable book in water, you know how it feels. Digital books do not have this risk; hence they are safe.

Newspaper & Magazine Scanning

Newspapers and magazines can be bulky to store. You can create more space in your office by hiring a professional to digitize the magazines and newspapers. Scanning magazines and newspapers will also protect the information for many years. Printing papers can lose information because the colors change with time.

Engineering Scanning

Anyone in the engineering field understands that scanning saves time and protects the documents. A typical design can be reused when scanned. Digitizing the design makes it easy to share with the clients and to give a visual appearance of the outcome. You can send it via email.

Professionals best do this type of scanning. Engineering designs have fine details that need to be captured.

Reports Scanning

Report scanning reduces paperwork, meaning more trees will be saved. Digital documents save on physical space because they can be stored on cloud or hard drive. It reduces the use of physical space hence free up your workspace.

Flyers & Brochure Scanning

Scanning all your flyers and brochure will take time. Therefore, you need to hire a professional to do this task. Hiring a professional will not only save you time, but it will also have your documents scanned professionally.

After scanning all the documents, it will be easy for you to retrieve any document you need, unlike physical searching of documents that have been stored in a room.

Poster Scanning

You do not need to invest in bulk document scanners that can be costly for poster scanning. Instead of incurring this huge cost, it is easier to hire professional scanners to do the job for you. It will save you cost and time.

Business Cards Scanning

If you want digitizing of all your business cards to be hassle-free and quick, consider hiring scan service Singapore. The job will be done in a short period because we offer a bulk document scanning service. The benefit of scanning business cards is for easy retrieval of information. Also, you can share digitized business card with many people via email.

Invoice / Receipt Scanning

Tracking expenses can quickly get out of hand. Receipts and invoices can get lost in a busy office. When you scan the invoices and receipts, you can store them on the cloud or hard drive to track the expenses. It reduces the risk of losing the receipts.

Map Scanning

Map scanning digitizes paper maps by capturing cells and pixels. Digitizing maps has been of great benefit to GIS activities. Using scanning technology helps to organize maps. Map scanning is a complex process that needs a professional. If you want a convenient map scanning service, hire us because we have experts in this field.

Large Format Scanning

We offer professional large format scanning and digitizing and use the latest technology to scan them to capture all the information. Large formats include plans, old maps, images, and drawings. We store them as high-resolution images since we clean up old images and data. If you are looking for a specialist in large format scanning, contact us today.

Fine Art Scanning

We offer professional fine art scanning and digitizing.  We have the latest technology to scan fine arts and to capture all the information.  We store them as high-resolution images since we clean up old images and data. This means you can access them anytime.

Certificate Scanning

Certificates can be bulky to store. You need to scan your certificates to access them when applying for a job. Carrying a bulky bag full of certificates can be exhausting. Digitize them today and store them in the cloud.

Journals & Diaries Scanning

It’s important to keep journals and diaries in the safest way possible. Our digitizing services help you to keep your journals and diaries in small sizes. Our equipment can capture all the details and store them. Since books can lose essential information over time, you need to digitize your journals and diaries.

Comic Books Scanning

There are many comic book readers online. The best way to make your comic books available is by digitizing them. You can read them on your phone or tablet, and you can upload them on different platforms for other people to read.

Research papers, theses, dissertations Scanning

Research papers, theses, and dissertations can be scanned to store them on a cloud or hard drive. You can share them with other researchers for more insights. When doing research, you can also download digitized research papers for data and to strengthen your research.

School & university textbooks Scanning

There are a lot of university and school textbooks online. If you have school textbooks, you can scan them and sell copies online. It will save you production costs and make more profits. Also, scanning university books make them accessible to more students. We have professionals to scan all your school and university textbooks.

Photo Albums Scanning

Ever wondered what to do with your old photos. The solution is to scan them. It will help reduce bulkiness and protect them from being destroyed. Photos can fade over time and are vulnerable to being damaged.

Notebook & Manuals Scanning

It is important to keep your notebook and manuals in the safest way possible. Our digitizing services help you to keep these documents in small sizes. Our equipment has can capture all the details and store them. Since books can lose important information over time, it is important for you to digitize your journals and diaries.

Yearbook Scanning

Today, yearbook scanning is popular. It helps to capture historical records that can be used to reminisce. Since schools do not have enough space to store the books, they can be scanned and stored digitally. Electronic copies are easy to store and to retrieve. Scan service Singapore is an expert in scanning yearbooks.

Logbooks Scanning

You can scan the whole logbook and store it in the cloud. It is an easy way to keep the information and easily retrieved when needed. You do not need to always to carry the logbook everywhere. It is highly recommended to store your documents digitally.

Postcard Scanning

Postcard scanning is an important technology to keep communication with other people. After collecting your postcards, you can hire a professional to scan them. You need to hire a person who understands the quality of the postcards. It will help to reduce bulk and free up more space. Scanning them will keep the information safe.

Here at scan service Singapore, we have professionals to scan different documents. You can contact us today for this service. We guarantee professional scanning and high-resolution images.