Large and Wide Format (A0, A1 and A2) Scanning

Large and Wide Format Scanning Singapore

We offer professional large & wide format scanning (A0, A1 & A2) for documents such as CAD drawings, plans, maps, and other large-format documents. Our large format scanning services focus on different industries such as architects, GIS, engineers, design, and survey. Therefore, we have invested in the best and cutting-edge technology for large & wide format scanning to scan documents such as plans, drawings, and maps. Our team digitizes the information to high-resolution images using advanced technology. We convert hard copies to soft copies that can be edited and shared.

You can take advantage of Scan Service Singapore’s professional large format scanning services.

Why you should hire us

Workable Digitized Output

Large format scanning should capture millions of information on the papers. Industries that utilize large format scanning services need accurate digitized documents like architects, GIS, surveyors, and engineers. You need to work with professionals to make sure you do not redo the entire project. With a digitized large paper document, it is easy to edit, to print other copies, and to share. Engineers can share the digitized documents with others for collaboration.


Important documents, such as blueprints, need to be secured. It can cause a security threat if it falls into the wrong hands. We help in encrypting digitized blueprints to allow access for only authorized people. All the important documents can be encrypted to secure them. You can monitor all the activities in the file and control the number of people who can access the document

Accuracy and Precise Scanning

Our team are professionals and highly experienced in digitized large format document. We use high-end technology to capture millions of information on documents. We understand that accuracy is key when digitizing large format documents such as maps, plans, and blueprints. If you work with inexperienced people, you may get inaccurate data. To avoid all these inconveniences, consider working with professionals in large & wide format scanning (A0, A1, & A2) services.

Instant Share

Digitized files are easy to share via email and can be downloaded easily from cloud storage. The ability to have this information at your fingertips is to deal with an unexpected business request. If a customer requests you for your previous work done, you can instantly share it by email.

Scanning helps to reduce paperwork and prolongs the life of the large format documents. Large paper documents are vulnerable to destruction and ripping. If you want to store plans, maps, and blueprints for a long period, consider a large format scanning service. 

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