Comic Book Scanning

Comic Book Scanning Singapore

People are reading a lot of comic books online. If you have not yet digitized yours, it is time for you to consider a comic book scanning service.

We scan comic books and convert them into e-books. Our team has good experience in scanning massive volumes of comic books. We know how to take care of your priceless books, including the confidential ones. Our bound & unbound books scanning service is delivered through security-cleared and highly qualified personnel to give your quality scanning.

Here is why you should work with us.

Great Support Team

Our team members are experienced in digitizing comic books. We ensure that the books are well digitized, covering all the pages. The images are store in high-resolution to make them easy to read from a phone, tablet, or computer. We ensure that the comic book can be retrieved or downloaded whenever needed. We capture the metadata of the book, like the author, location, and editions.

Destructive Scanning

This is applicable where the information is more important than the book. It involves removing the binding material and using a special machine to free up the pages. The pages are carefully scanned and stored in high-resolution. This method is cost-effective for scanning bound & unbound books. Afterward, the papers are shredded. This helps to create more space in the workspace. The information is safely stored in the cloud or hard drive.

Non-Destructive Scanning

The non-destructive scanning leaves the book intact. It is also known as in-tact digitization to handle sensitive books. Every page is carefully scanned, keeping the book intact. We use this method for universities, museums, libraries, and collectors for books that are difficult to find. Once the scanning process is complete, the books are returned intact.

Great Equipment and Technology

Here at Scan Service Singapore, we have invested in the latest comic book digitizing and scanning technology. We use cutting edge machines with the newest e-book software to give you accurate and quality images. Our scanners are gentle to fragile books, and we have automated our scanning operations. We ensure that there is minimal human error in producing digitized books.

We have a facility with an exceptional collection space to secure the comic books and materials that need digitization. The facility is kept in good condition to track books and to bring them back to you safely.

Comic book scanning will ensure that your book is available online. It will be easier for you to sell it on different platforms. 

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