Notebook and Manuals Scanning

Notebook and Manuals Scanning Singapore

Research groups digitize their old notebooks and manuals for different lab experiments to protect them from natural disasters like fires and floods. The notebook and manuals can be encrypted to protect them from theft. Storing notebooks and manuals in a physical space for many years makes them vulnerable to destruction and theft. Therefore, you should consider the notebook & manual scanning service to protect your lab research information.

Hiring a professional to do the scanning job will ensure that the files are saved in a readable form and can be searched using different keywords. It becomes easier for you to search for and retrieve manuals and notebooks that you need to use. Also, the collaboration between different researchers becomes easier because the notes can be shared through email.

Use of Smartphones

There are dozens of mobile phone scanning applications that you can use to digitize notebooks and manuals. They are easy to use, and you can use them anytime. However, scanning each page of the notebook or manual is a slow task. It is time-consuming, and you may not get clear and readable formats, depending on the phone you are using. You need to consider the app to use and use an app that can read the manuals’ language. However, this is not the best scanning method for important documents like lab reports and research analysis. It is advisable to work with a professional in providing notebook & manual scanning service.

Working with a professional

Despite the availability of the smartphone scanning application, it is still advisable to hire a professional to offer the notebook & manual scanning service. Notebooks and manuals have important information that needs to be accurately digitized.

Here at Scan Service Singapore, we have heavy digitization equipment for scanning notebooks and manuals. We have a policy for protecting the original copies and sending them back to you in good condition. Our team members are highly specialized in digitizing documents and document encryption. If you want the digitized files to be protected from unauthorized users, we can activate password protection. Therefore, you can limit the number of people who can access your notes and manuals.

Digitizing notebooks and manuals increases collaboration between team members. There is an on time-sharing of notes, unlike when you have a physical document. Digital files can be shared through emails to different people. If you are looking for this flexibility, hire a professional to do the scanning.