School & University Text Books Scanning

School and University Text Books Scanning Singapore

Universities and institutions have a growing demand for digitized textbooks to ensure every student has access to them. School and university textbooks scanning is a solution to ensure that textbooks reach as many students as possible. Hardcopies limit the number of student access because one textbook can be ready by a single student at a time. On the contrary, soft copy books can be read by many students at the same time. Digitizing textbooks and learning materials improve accessibility and convenience to students.

Here is why schools and universities need to digitize textbooks and other learning materials.


Digital textbooks eliminated the extra cost of buying more copies to meet the increasing student population’s demand. Digital books are less costly than printed copies. It will save the school the money to invest in printed copies. Also, digital textbooks can be accessed by many students at the same time through the e-learning portal.

Storage Space is Reduced

If a school had to store every textbook in the library, they would need extra space and built a bigger library. This is costly because the school will need to hire more librarians to manage the library. With the increasing technology and availability of school and university textbooks, scanning services reduces the physical storage of books. The storage space is not only reduced for the school but also in the student’s dorms. The students no longer need to have heaps of books in their rooms. They can easily download and read the digitized textbooks from the school portal.


E-learning is being made possible with the availability of digitized books. E-learning is a convenient way of studying from home. Students have the freedom to access the online library and download textbooks and journals that they need for their course. The digitized books and journals have made studying convenient for students and teachers.

No Waiting

Students no longer have to worry about waiting for a book to be returned to the library so that they can borrow. Digital textbooks are ready for immediate use. Students can access the e-library through the school portal. No more wasting time in the physical library.

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