Fine Art and Artwork Scanning

Fine Art and Artwork Scanning

We use high-quality scans for fine art & artwork scanning. We capture your artwork and transfer the content to the scanner. The capturing of the artwork is done under good lighting to capture all the fine details of the art. The next step is editing to ensure that there is a color match between the original artwork and the digital artwork. After comparing the images, we check the clarity of the details in the artwork by viewing it through a microscope. If we get fine errors in brush strokes, we correct that. After ensuring that everything is accurate and clear, we send you the artwork.

Here is what you need to know about fine art & artwork scanning

Digitizing Artworks removes Flaws

When digitizing artworks, there could be some flaws that need to be removed or corrected to increase the accuracy of the image. There could be extra spots or lines missing in the original artwork and can be corrected during the scanning process. Fine art & artwork scanning gives an artist the chance to correct and perfect the artwork. Color matching is done to ensure that the digitized file is similar to the drawn art. We use a high-end scanner that allows us to see flaws in detail and correct them.


Artworks and fine arts are special documents to the artists. Any artist would love to preserve their work for many years. Since paper is not a reliable way of preserving artwork, fine art & artwork scanning helps to solve this problem. Digitized artworks can be preserved for many years. They cannot be damaged, and the images can not fade. Digitized work can be stored in the cloud or on a hard disk for future reference.

Hire a Professional

If you are an artist, consider hiring a professional to digitize your artwork. There so many available free apps to help you digitize your artworks, but they may not be as accurate as when working with a professional. Professionals have the best equipment to scan details in artworks and to correct any flows. The free apps are limited to this benefit.

Check feedback from other clients. A professional scanner with positive feedback has great potential to give you the best fine art & artwork scanning service.

Here at Scan Service Singapore, we have specialized artwork scanning equipment and technology to give you the best service. Contact us today to know more about this service and to get your quotation.