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Yearbook Scanning Services
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Scan Service Singapore provides a yearbook scanning service to help you preserve your school’s living memory. The digitizing yearbook is a great way to increase alumni, donor, and student traffic on your website. The digital files will be available for alumni to print for class reunions.

Here is why you should work with us.


Yearbooks are stored in school libraries, and they are vulnerable to theft, wear, or getting lost. Quality scanning of your yearbooks will preserve them for many years. Digital files can be encrypted and password protected. Also, digital files are safe from theft, wear, and getting lost. Stop worrying about protecting the yearbooks and hire a professional today.

Alumni Engagement

Updating yearbooks on the school website is a perfect way of engaging the alumni and potential donors. Providing a glimpse of your school history is an effective way of attracting potential donors.

Displaying different digitized yearbooks on the school website increases alumni traffic. Alumni will be excited to engage in content that rekindles their school memories. Alumni will be eager to access the digitized yearbooks. You can make the yearbooks available with a membership fee and optional donation.


We have text-recognition technology to provide the searchability option. Once can search using a simple keyword to get a specific yearbook. We ensure that the digitized yearbooks are searchable.


It is cost-effective to work with a professional to scan yearbooks. It will save you from investing in costly scanning technology. Our yearbook scanning service is affordable, and we provide quality service.


Unlike other services, we do not keep the rights of having digital copies. The digital yearbooks are uploaded exclusively to your school domain. Some schools choose to publicly display the yearbooks, while others decide to limit access to alumni.


We handle your yearbooks gently and return them intact after finishing the digitizing process. We understand that yearbooks are valuable and fundamental to schools.

Quality Images

Yearbooks contain a lot of detailed images, and quality is essential. We have scanning machines that capture high-resolution images. It improves the searchability feature of the yearbooks and accessibility.


We save the yearbooks in high-resolution images. They can be easily printed out and easily reproduced when needed.

Quick Turnaround Time

We provide a quick turnaround time because we have the best scanning equipment and technology. We also have a reliable team.

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