Journal and Diaries Scanning

Are you wondering about what you should do with old diaries? We have a solution for you, journal & diaries scanning. Here at Scan Service Singapore, we use a nondestructive scanning method for journals and diaries, especially when the client wants to keep the original copies. We ensure that the digitized documents are kept in the most readable format. We use cutting edge technology to capture images in high-resolution form. We digitize both small and large volumes of journals and diaries.

Digital Journals and Diaries are Searchable

You can easily search for digitized diaries and journals by using keywords. It takes a short time compared to searching through stored journals and browsing through a hundred journal pages. When we scan journals, we activate keyword searching. This helps you to get the exact information you are looking for within a short period of time.

Also, digitizing journals and diaries makes it easy to share with many people or sell your academic journals online. It this error of digitizing, many people have access to online journals because of journal scanning services. Doing research and academic assignments have become easier.

Password Protection

Journals & diaries scanning is the best way to protect these documents with a password. Some journals and diaries have important information that needs to be protected. After digitizing, the soft copy can be digitized and password activated. It increases the security of the journals and diaries. Only authorized people can have access to the password-protected journals and diaries.

You no longer need to worry about anyone reading your journals and diaries. It can be difficult to protect hard copies because you might forget them on the desk, and someone else might read them.

Digital Archiving

Digital archiving is easier to manage than physical heaps of journals and diaries. Journals & diaries scanning service helps you digitize these documents and store them on your phone, computer, hard drive, or cloud. This means that you can have access to them anytime. You can reminisce over your past diaries and journals on your phone or computer. This is an excellent advantage for you to consider digitizing the journals and diaries.

Preserved for long

Digital files can be preserved for life unless when deleted. Once the journals and diaries are digitized, they are preserved for years without the risk of getting damaged or losing the information. The digitized files can be printed to generate more copies when needed. 

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