Flyers & Brochure Scanning

Flyers & Brochure Scanning Singapore

Brochures and flyers are common in advertising events and products for businesses. They are a professional and reliable way of advertising products, services, and passing important information to the target audience. Here at Scan Service Singapore, we provide flyers & brochure scanning services to businesses.

Reasons for flyers & brochure scanning

Easy to Distribute

Distributing flyers and brochures are limited to a geographical location. If you would love to reach more people, consider digitizing the brochures and flyers. You can easily distribute a digitized brochure and flyer through email, website, and social media platforms. Brochures and flyers are precise and reliable ways for marketing. Digitizing allows us to reach a greater audience within a short period.


Digitizing flyers and brochures are a cost-effective marketing method. One copy can be shared with many people at minimum costs, unlike printing many copies. Flyers & brochure scanning save you cost and time. Our scanning services are reliable, and we save the images in high-resolution. Marketing improves customer loyalty and encourages referrals.  

Flyers & Brochures Hold A lot of Information

Flyers & Brochures allows a business to share a lot of information in a small area. Some of the information included in the brochure are location, contacts, service, products, costs, and offers. To convey this information to many people, digitizing the flyers is the best solution. Also, flyers & brochure scanning preserves the information for many years. You can refer to it a few years later for content and design ideas.

Personalize your Business

You can reach many potential customers by distributing digitized flyers and brochures. Marketing your products and services improves customer retention and bringing new ones. Marketing may not be complete without distributing brochures and flyers. Contact us today for flyers& brochure scanning services.

Easy Access

It is easier to search through a digitized folder rather than stored papers. During the flyer & brochure scanning process, we save the images in codes. You can enter the date or name of the brochure when searching. It saves your business time and increases corporation between different departments in the office. Also, it reduces paper waste and paper use. The office will remain neat and save on printing costs.

Our team is highly experienced in this service, and we have a reliable turnaround time. Contact us today to get your quotation.